Day 16 Built page two of Personal Portfolio Page – FCC

Today I built page two of my portfolio page! I was able to concentrate more, and get distracted less. At one point, I got so sleepy at 10pm that I just wanted to take a long nap.

But I reminded myself: if it’s not hard, anyone can do it. Train your relentlessness muscle, Joy. Then I got up.

And as I predicted, it only took me 5 min to get back on track again. Because as had happened before, once I got started, I simply couldn’t stop — I just had this strong desire to make things beautiful. And that led me to google, experiment, adjust … I was in the moment.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.45.19 PM


Day 14-15 Built Page One of Personal Portfolio Page – FreeCodeCamp

Today is Day 15. I spent day 14 watching youtube videos and felt really empowered to build my own page. But day 15 didn’t happen until almost a week later, and it was always so hard to regain momentum after that long of a break.

I procrastinated. Watched some youtube videos. Read some facebook articles. Baked some yummy kale chips. Even took a 30 min nap at 10pm … ahaha.

But then I started coding again … ! So many questions one after another. How do I keep this background image appear?? Please, can you stay there, just not move while I move the h1 tag? Wait, seriously, just don’t move, I’m adding margin to the block element, not you, background image!

After a lot of googling and creative problem-solving, I somehow made it work! I felt soooo in love with the process in the end, because now my mind was all about making the site pretty, and I loooove making things look pretty! It just felt great having the freedom to assign whatever color, margin, width I want to any element of the website.

So here it is, page one of my portfolio website. It’s far from perfect, but I’m really content for now!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 12.09.24 AM

Day 9-11: I built a basic tribute page.

Turns out it’s not easy at all — I already forgot a lot of the codes I have learned, and having the webpage showcase what I had in my mind turned out to be rather difficult. I wish I could just sketch something on a piece of paper, and having an app translate all the HTML codes for me … (wait, maybe there IS an app about this already??)

The FCC page wasn’t designed in enough of a user-friendly way for a newbie to go back and forth across sections searching for what he/she needed. Even things like centering a text, selecting a certain font, adding a “well”, embedding a link took me a loooooong time. But in the end the course materials, and a lot of googling worked.

So here it is, a basic tribute page I built for the basic front-end development project #1.


As you can see, this is far from perfect, and I have a lot more work to do (for example, I’d really love to change some of the fonts and font sizes, as well as freely adjust the margins of the list elements to be the same as those of the picture). But I’ll stop by now, and more to learn in the coming days.