Day 7&8 – Now the challenge REALLY begins

It’s been a while since my last post … more than a week ago? I feel like those past days quickly lapsed into a vacuum of inaction. Maybe what isn’t documented isn’t really lived. Wow, that’s pretty scary.

On a positive note, I dragged myself back on track on a weekday morning, and finished jQuery, which helped add a whole new level of dynamics and structure to my codes. The weird thing is, all the codes are organized in such a beautiful hierarchy that, I realize the more time I spend writing and reading them, the more it changes the way I think and look at things. For example, now when I read books, I feel like I’m reading codes, just in the language of “english”, and all I see is structures, which actually helps me to read and understand faster.

Coding is reshaping my brain, in a scary but exciting way.

And now is Friday evening, my slow and often jolty Amtrak train already passed New York’s Penn Station and is on way to New Haven. Having being sedentary on the train for so long made me a bit nauseous, but I semi-reluctantly opened my laptop anyway, and started the next section of FCC — the basic front-end development project, which is supposed to take 50 hrs in total. The project consists of two tasks, and the first one is to build a tribute page that looks like this —


I immediately felt overwhelmed at the task and doubted I remembered anything that I have followed along and learned in the past few weeks. Maybe I was learning fast only because there were many hints and examples in the lessons. Maybe I didn’t spend enough time to review, and actually retain all the new knowledge. Maybe I didn’t know how to code after all. 

Endless doubts aside, I told myself that the best way to learn was by doing, and that I would learn so much more after I fail, learn, fail better, and end up building this tribute page by myself.

However long it might take.



One thought on “Day 7&8 – Now the challenge REALLY begins

  1. Hey Joy,

    I just discovered your blog. I am on the same journey as you, learning coding using online sources like Freecodecamp and Codecademy.

    In my opinion, Freecodecamp throws in this challenge too early, and it is very difficult to complete it if you have only used their sandbox environment. I think you should build a few simple sites first, following Youtube tutorials – it was a huge help for me, practicing the basic steps and feeling that I am creating something real.

    I would recommend this guy, Chris Coyier, he is a great teacher, and this video is excellent:

    If you follow his tutorial, you will have a site like this below. You will really feel like a pro 🙂




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